Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drop the soap you healthy person!

I know it's been a long time since I've written. I hit a wall but I'm back on track. And here I want to be a writer! Yeesh! How are my minions doing? Did y'all miss me? I'm sitting here at home on another dull and boring Saturday. Honestly, when you're unemployed, it doesn't make a difference whether it's the weekend or not. In fact I dread weekends because the day seems twice as boring.

My lovely mother has become a bit anti-social and she prefers the company of the characters on the daily soaps than mine.

Speaking of characters on soaps, especially the women... these Indian girls are so beautiful but they always have a permanent expression of depression on their face. A person can explode with so much emotional trauma and can end up in a straight jacket in a padded room singing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!"

Each show starts with the problem of marrying off the girl. Seriously... we are living in the 21st century now, Indian women have a lot more on their minds than marriage. And yes... we think about SEX too! *gasp* I said the S word! Check out the population of our country people, someone's doin' it right now!!

And why aren't there more shows with fat actors? Why do all guys have to look all chiseled with six packs? The new age Ramayan that came out two years ago, had Hunuman and Shri Ram with perfect washboard abs. And the girl in the soaps... always innocent, doe eyed and delicate and yes "the vamp" is always shown slutty. Have we forgotten Phoolan Devi? She didn't need to wear an open backed sari or a giant bindi with heavy make-up to be a badass bitch! The fat actor is mostly used as a comic relief. Fat people are not always jolly. Even Santa Claus can get pissed off... especially if you yank off his beard! (I speak from personal experience hahaha)

I am so glad that we had a show like Mahi Way. It was the story of every fat girl. I hope more fat actors (guys included) will get a chance to be the main lead in a story.

Anyways... I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they kept saying the word "healthy" when talking about fat/overweight people. Now from what angel do we fat people look healthy? Seriously... we have heart palpitations, we can't run fast, we have f-ed up eating habits... how can you call that healthy? I know you don't want to offend anyone but we know you mean fat when you say healthy.

Fat people are sensitive when we are ridiculed about our weight but in a general non-offensive conversation why does it seem offensive when someone says fat? As a fat person I know and accept that I am fat, large, big, huge so why say "healthy" just to be polite? Fat people out there should not feel offended if someone calls them fat in a non-offensive way. It's a fact. Look in the mirror... that's all you... all 200 pounds of you!

The main reason fat people are sensitive because since childhood they've been ridiculed by society and by their own family and friends. Hell a friend from my meek sensitive days actually told me, "Oh Farah, what guy will like you. You're so fat!" That hurt to the core. Mostly because of the jeering tone she had used and there were other people there too. Anyway it's all gone in the past now, but just so you know dear friend... guys do like me. I don't have to rely solely on looks or keep my shop open 24/7 to land a man! So fatties... the next time someone tells you that you are fat, tell them thank you... yes I am F(antastic)A(nd)T(errific)!


Looks will eventually fade but it will be the personality in your golden years that will still make you attractive!