Wednesday, December 5, 2012


As you know I've put Fat Girl Follies on hiatus but I couldn't help doing another post. I'm busy working on my other blog Hungry Hungry Parsi, enjoying myself, cooking up a storm and almost burning my eyebrows off. The reason I am posting here, today is that not one person who used to encourage my writing has commented on my last post STOP! or said anything about my new venture. 

I was going through this blog yesterday and I realized that what I was writing was utter rubbish when it came to my weight. I felt I was degrading myself. Honestly, I don't mind joking about my weight... I'm a fat girl and I know society doesn't like fat so I'm humoring it and in the end the joke is on them. 

Like I said earlier, I have only in recent months come to terms with my body and I love my curves. When I wrote about my weight loss journey, I got a lot of encouragement from everyone and people appreciated my writing. It was only now that I realize that I was not losing weight for myself. I was doing it to please the people around me. Yes, I know that my weight has come in between many things but I expect my family and my friends to love me the way I am. 

You guys... yes all you friends and family out there reading this... tell me that it's for my own good. I will be healthy or else I will end up having so many diseases. All that mulled in my mind and at one point I actually freaked out and got an ECG done. My levels are all normal. My pressure, cholesterol and sugar are normal. I can be fat and healthy. Why do people feel, fat = unhealthy, I'll never understand. I have friends who are what society says, "normal weight" with breathing problems, high cholesterol and blood pressure issues. The biggest example I can give you guys is my father, bless his soul. He passed away in 2008 because of heart disease and diabetes. He was never fat or even slightly overweight. He was a boxer when he was young. He was athletic and used to play cricket and volleyball. He didn't have a big sweet tooth either but he ended up having diabetes. Stress and hereditary played a major role. I know I have to be careful because there is a chance I might get diabetes in the future but my weight has got nothing to do with it. 

I eat the right things even though I don't munch on salads. I exercise by dancing and cycling. I am doing what my body is capable of doing. And in the process if I lose or put on a few pounds then it's not going to bother me. 

What's annoying me right now is that you guys were so supportive and encouraging when I was losing weight. Now, when I have accepted my body and my fat, none of you have said a single word supporting my fat acceptance. I know you guys care about me but like I said... I can be fat and healthy. I just wish you guys would stop trying to change me and love me the way I am. I love you all and wouldn't change anything about either of you. I adore you all for caring about me, I really do but if I am happy in my own skin, why can't you all be happy for me? 

Mindspill: Love yourself the way you are, I do!