Sunday, October 28, 2012


You either want to "in the name of love" or "collaborate and listen" or it's frickin' "HAMMERTIME!" Fat girl follies is going on a bit of a hiatus, y'all.  I lost my writing mojo for this blog.  

You know how I always used to talk about losing weight and loving myself no matter what? Well, I was not loving myself at all. I hated being fat. Because people around me hate the fact that I am fat. Always got the "Oh what a pretty face but so fat!" and "So smart and qualified but so fat!" Even friends and family did the same thing.  I love you all for being concerned about my health but it's time you all accept the fact that I am and will always be fat. On a doctor's chart, I'm morbidly obese. Just because I don't eat a salad does not mean I don't eat healthy. And because I like to sit a lot does not mean I don't exercise. I'm just not a fanatic freak who is obsessed about losing weight any more. I know what the health risks are but there are fat people out there who are healthy. I'll just change my lifestyle to be healthy with my fat. 

I've tried the diets and exercises and yes I do jump for joy when I see that I've lost weight but enough. I don't need people I love telling me, "You didn't get that job because you are fat!" I've never had a friend setting me up with a nice single guy they knew because "Oh dear lord... he won't like her... she's fat!" How do you know? Did his t-shirt say, "NO FAT CHICKS"? The best is when people try to hook a fat girl up with an old desperate guy or fat guy. I'm not into appearances. I like big guys, I like skinny guys, I like 'em slightly buff (just not the over buffed, bouncer types)... I don't care. He could have a third nipple, lazy eye or a lisp. But if he's stimulates my brain and makes me laugh... I'll soooo be attracted to him. 

I'm sick and tired of being discriminated and pushed aside because of my weight. Yes, I love to eat. Don't judge me if I'm going to take a third helping at the buffet. I shop at plus size store and ask for a larger size. Yeah I'm shit scared to sit on those plastic chairs  because I'm not embarrassed to break that damn chair, I will be in pain because I fell on my ass.  

This past month I've been going through a lot of websites and blogs about being who you are and accepting yourself. I've met many men who love curvaceous and fat girls like me (too bad they don't live anywhere near me). I've met fat women who are so amazing it makes me realize what an idiot I've been by spending my time and money on those diets, doctors and exercise equipment (and no the Xardian is not for sale. It makes me feel like I'm riding a Harley) 

Whew... what a rant! So I'm putting this blog on hiatus and concentrating on my new blog which is called Hungry Hungry Parsi. It's all about my biggest passion. FOOD! I love to cook, feed and eat! I'd rather write about something I love, something I'm passionate about, than rant about how a fat girl like me is shortchanged everywhere. 

Here is the link to Hungry Hungry Parsi

I know there are many of you out there who will disagree with me and think that I've given up. I've just given up the illusion that I will be accepted only if I lose weight.  

My folly of the day is: "I'm fat. I'm here to stay. GET USED TO IT!"


uglygirl said...

I am so proud of you. Sorry I didn't say it. I thought it though when I first read it.

Paddy said...

Well, I'm happy to say that i have FINALLY accepted my (over)weight, and just go out and enjoy life. But it's taken me a long long time! Yeah, I abs agree that there are gorgeous curvy women out there who are fabulous from inside and out! Dare I say that I too count meself among them? Yes I do! Yayyyyyy!