Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missed a couple of trains?

Yes I know this has gone from a weekly to monthly blog. But just when I think I've run out of juice, something comes up and I thank God that this is not going to be another dead blog for me. Of course I have also been working on another project. I'll reveal it when I feel I'm ready to unleash that to the world. I'm in the research and development stage of the project right now. But I promise it's going to be good because I am having fun right now getting it ready for the world to see!

I was chillin' with a friend the other day and of course we ended up talking about men. We crossed a topic about "the one the got away" and yes I do have this huge regret in my life about letting that one get away. Actually it's two that got away but I care less about the other one... he was just a thought of mine that came into my head on a lazy Friday afternoon... one of those "what if" moments but before I could say anything, it was too late. But it didn't really let it get to me because I didn't like the guy that much to regret anything.

Now this other one... he was such a great guy but I never looked at him that way. I honestly was interested in someone else. But the more I got to know him, I realized that we had such great chemistry together and had so many things in common. I did get a bit scared when he dropped very subtle hints but he didn't have the balls to be upfront about it and asked me out or anything. Then I was just thinking about us as a couple and it seemed to fit and it felt right. So when I finally decided to make my move, it was too late!!!

So the lesson here children, is that please let people know you like them and want to be more than friends. What's the worse that could happen? Rejection? Believe me, the pain you feel when that one gets away is worse than having someone shove a stick up your nose, swirl it around in your head and pull your brains out through your nostrils. (So help me! I watched a re-run of NatGeo's Mummy Road Show online). Now if I like someone I just tell them. I make sure I clear the fact that this won't affect our friendship. If the person starts to behave weirdly around you after you tell them your feelings, then that's not a good friend now is it?

Which brings me to my point... just because that one got away, it does not mean you should compromise and setlle down just because you have to. A friend of mine missed "the one" and got married to a total stranger last year just to get over that guy.

Never settle for anything less in life. Even if you want to compromise, make sure the person is not a total jerk and that you actually like them.


So you missed a train... wait for the next one, it might take you to a better destination!

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uglygirl said...

Totally agree!

I read your post and tried to think who did I let go away. No one. When it comes to love, I don't let ego get in the way. Give it a 100% shot. not being afraid of seeming eager, desperate or of rejection.

Plus: Uglygirl is a character out of a book I love. It's called 'Big Mouth and Ugly Girl' by Carol Joyce Oates. Ursula is a boyish, broad-shouldered sullen girl, who is judged for being all of the above. When she begins to play Basketball, she assumes the personality of the Uglygirl. Once you call yourself ugly, the rest of the world can go to hell - You have assumed you are ugly and accepted yourself.

P.S: I am gorgeous. And when I look in the mirror I see Gorgeous, and sometimes get confused when some people dont think I am.. :)