Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Shame Stick

Ok I know it's become a monthly blog now but I promise I'm gonna try to keep up and post more. Somehow I've run out of things to say but then again... that's impossible!

I recently saw an old episode of 'According to Jim', where Jim's brother in law, Andy, eats shame sticks to get over his ex girlfriend. describes the shame stick as, "a peice of butter on a stick rolled in sugar. Usually eaten by fat over sized depressed losers."

I have eaten when I was depressed but I haven't come to a point where I'm going to reach for a shame stick. I do like butter and sugar separetly but together, if it's not mixed with flour and chocolate chips to make cookies, I'm really not interested.

I've often wondered why people reach for food when depression sinks in. There is a satisfying comfort in digging into a pint of ice cream or polishing off a cheesecake but you can't permanently get rid of depression by pigging out. That leads to weight gain and then you're depressed again. It's a vicious cycle.

I have seen many fat people on TV talk shows saying, "I don't know how I got fat!" Um hello... you were there when you reached for that piece of fried chicken smothered in bacon and cheese in between! (WTF was KFC thinking when it came up with this?? It's a shame-wich. lol I love fried chicken, cheese and the heavenly goodness that is bacon, but this is stretching it a bit too much!)

The point is that many of us fat people make a lot of excuses about being over weight/obese.

There was a time when I would tell people a long story about how when I was younger I had menstrual problems so I went to various doctors and they gave me hundreds of pills and I bloated because of that. Sure some pills I was given did make me pile on the pounds but I said "enough!" and stopped those pills. The weight gain didn't stop. So who's at fault here? The doctors? My hormonal body? The pills? You can't blame anyone for your weight gain or loss except yourself. I'm saying loss here because there are a lot of people who are obsessed with being skinny and become anorexic. I really can't stand it when thin people think that they are fat. It not only makes you feel sorry for them... and sometimes makes you look like some giant freak. hahaha

I've mentioned this before in my previous posts when strangers ask me how I got fat, I just say, "Because I like to eat!" It shuts them up for a while but then they start preaching again. I give them their moment in the sun because I know I won't see them again. At least I hope not!


Chocolate is not love. Unless it's on Johnny Depp. ;)


Je@n!E said...

Ok, all this talk of food is seriously making my tum rumble. I feel like some Kerala 'Porrota', some Chicken Vindaloo, topped off with yoghurt and some home made mango pickle! Ok, now I KNOW I'm PMSing! It's 11:30pm, I already had dinner but I am seriously thinking of ordering in! Maybe you have a point about our hormonal bodies. ;)

Luv ya.

Savage_beauty said...

You know I hate it when anorexic women say how fat they are as well.
Funny thing is I still go around telling people how I need to put on weight! and its true you do not know how frustrating it is.. I have been trying everything possible but its just difficult. Even If i eat I am stuck at 50kgs and even if I dont it does not make a difference, its like I am constant! I guess we all have our own issues right? but keep your posts going... I absolutely love reading your blog! It makes my day :)))

medusa said...

"Usually eaten by fat over sized depressed losers."

have never had one, but is a fat depressed loser especially if it means reaching out for food for everything, for the sheer joy of eating!

Amber said...

With your menstrual problems and weight gain, have you looked into the condition known as PCOS? Polycystic ovarian syndrome. It affects menstruation as well as a host of other things, including how the body processes sugar. Anyway, just a thought...