Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

What can I say about the cool dude, who I used to call daddy when I was 4, dad when I was a teenager and baapu during the last few years of his life. Words like honesty, simplicity, generosity, creativity are too small words to describe my dad. He taught me many things but the most important lesson was to always be happy with my life. "Khodaiji ne shukrana karine, rehvanu." (Thank God for what you have).

He had his annoying moments where he would yell at the smallest issue and make a mountain out of a mole hill. And there was no way I would show him my report card or let him come to the parent teacher meetings at school because yours truly was a terrible student. The worst was when I used to get hurt, instead of saying soothing things to calm me, he'd be like, "Why can't you watch where you're going?" That was his way of showing concern. I understand that now.

Back in his day he was a great dancer and we would dance from Jive to Bollywood. And he was hilarious. When people talk about him, they always say how funny he was and that he had such a big heart. I hope I can be half the person he was. Love you baapu. Miss you loads!


Li'l Osama & his 72 virgins (ALL FEMALE) said...

Did not have the good fortune of meeting ure dad, but from the pics iv seen , heard abut him not only frm u but from lots of other ppl...i can say ure BANG on !
And dont forget...he lives on through Kalingaaaarrrr :D

arch said...

What a beautiful post Farah, he was all those things and more.

Jeanie said...

Much love to your dad, Chote. RIP. He was an awesome person and it shows in the person you are today.