Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome Friday Editor

Greetings my lovely readers, (that would be an echo). This blog post is exclusive for the editor of Friday Magazine but the rest of you all can read it too. Perhaps leave some comments to convince the editor.

Dear Friday Editor,

I came across the advertisement for a freelance writer for your lovely magazine in Gulf News dated 26th July 2011. It was a warm, if not, really hot Tuesday afternoon as I was perusing the appointments section looking for a job. You see I have been unemployed since 2008 and have been looking for a writing opportunity like this to come my way.

The reason it took so long to send you my resume is because the samples of my work (all three of them) were filed under "Someday I'll be a writer... someday!" and I had not touched that section of my dreams for a very long time. So my experience in the press might be minimum but the dream to be a writer made me start this blog. Yes at first it was all about me and my weight issues but I think I am more than a fat girl, craving Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with a mouth to talk the ears off a parrot.

So dear Friday Editor, if you believe that I have the talent to work with your glossy magazine with it's amazing writers and photographers, please give me a chance to step down as the president of The Unemployment Club and join the real world again before I succumb to a secretarial job that might pay me a decent salary but like they say, if your job is what you love, then work becomes play.

With the best regards and sincerity,
Farah Sam Mistry


Li'l Osama & his 72 virgins (ALL FEMALE) said...

As i have always told you, your writing skills are a lot more captivating than your photoshop skills...thats been my opinion from the first post i read on your blog...captivating and engaging. Also, i agree that work no longer feels like work once you enjoy what you do..and yes, we know that you enjoy talking, conversing,engaging and penning those thoughts down. Therefore, on a personal note Mr.Editor, i think you should give Krispy Kreme Doughnuts a chance..i think she can do wonders... & Farah, keep writing...we really enjoy reading your thoughts. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

U go for it Girl!!!!

mukta said...

Farah...I love reading your blog...the way you write has such a powerful'll be a famous author some day,mark my words...

Anouksha said...

I wish you all the best Farah and I hope that they give you that job :)
I've always loved reading whatever you've written be it notes on Facebook or your blog.
Take care
Love you