Monday, March 5, 2012

Shake it up without makeup!

I got inspired by an article written by an old school mate of mine, Tina. And she has this fantastic idea of all of us putting up a picture sans makeup. I know it seems bizarre. I mean smite me if I go out anywhere without my trusty eye liner or gloss... sometimes I even put on some eye liner even when I'm chillin' at home.

Reading Tina's article really hit home especially the part about women justifying their reason to eat. I have so many friends who do that and what the weird part is that most of them are skinny. Me being a fat girl, I am never guilty about eating anything and I have never had any regrets for eating a little more butter.

I have friends who say things like, "After this meal, I'm hitting the gym." "Oh I forgot to eat lunch so this dinner hits the spot." Can someone please explain this concept of forgetting to eat. I know you can be busy but doesn't your stomach send signals to your brain like, "Helloooo up there. Can you please send some food down here??" (y'all are reading this in an Indian accent, aren't you? You know, the one that the rest of the world thinks we sound like but don't? lolz)

They are enjoying the meal but think about what their friend might say if they took an extra helping of chicken.

As for my fellow fat girls... you talk about being a big beautiful woman but yet you have this slight guilt in you when you eat more than a thin girl. Get real. I know that big robust body needs that amount of energy. If I could eat it I would go all Coach Beiste on a turducken! That's a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey.

Coach Shannon Beiste is the football coach in Glee played by Dot Marie Jones. She is a beautiful and awesome actress who plays an inspiring character in Glee. Even I hate it when my guy friends call me "dude"! Can you not see the breasts, boys? Must we put a neon sign pointing towards them. Not that we have to... that's one thing y'all always look at. (Especially when we walk through the frozen food aisle in supermarkets brrrr)

Now back to the makeup. When it comes to make up the only thing I like to put on is eyeliner and lip gloss... unless it's a formal do and I have to put the whole face on with foundation and rougue and eye shadow. I'm not saying I don't enjoy putting on makeup. I do love it when I add a little touch of pink on my cheeks or blue on my eyelids. Or the goth makeup that freaks my mother out! lolz

Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not put a mask on your face to hide who you really are. Plus some of these foundations claim to be sweat proof but gawd they are sooo not. One wipe and it's gone. Only my eye shadow stays on at the end of the evening and I hardly ever re-apply anything.

My mom hardly puts on any make-up except on occasions and her skin is flawless. My grandmothers never did. My grandpa threatened to never kiss my grandma if she put on lipstick. And quite frankly girls, guys prefer women who look natural. If a guy sees you waking up in the morning looking like a squashed bug and stays... he's a keeper! (I can hear all Indian auntie-jis going... "What do you mean by keeper? Won't that be your husband waking up next to you? And why are you waking up after him? You should've been up an hour ago, made yourself presentable and made him bed tea! lolz I kid the auntie-jis!)

So why don't we all join this awesome movement Tina started and put up our pictures without makeup. First on the SheLovesMagazine page on facebook, then on your own wall (put it up as a profile pic), on Twitter and any other online community you are a part of. Just type in "Hey World! It's me, ________ (you name here). Without Makeup."

Now I'm thinking... if only I did not have that task of putting on the mask of make-up, I would've had the lady balls to go up and talk to this guy I saw a couple of weeks ago in Mumbai. Instead I was going in and out of the bathroom checking to see if my make-up was alright. Oh the guy really stumped me. I froze. But that is a story for another time. I swear I will get around to it. But here are the links.

She Loves Magazine's official website:
Facebook link to SheLovesMagazine:

And this is me without any makeup, right out of bed. :) Thanks Tina! You ROCK!

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Annah said...

Thanks for bringing our attention to this hun. Absolutely love how enlightening your mindspills can get! ;)