Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy World Daughters Day

Today is World Daughters Day and I feel so lucky to be alive.  I come from a country with an amazing culture, intelligent minds and beautiful people.  I love India and I am proud to be an Indian.  But no country is perfect.  Everyone has flaws and one of the biggest flaws of my India is female foeticide.  Female Foeticide is defined as aborting a foetus because it's female.  

I am appaled by the number of people who get rid of the baby when they find out that a girl child is born.  Girl or boy, every life has value.  Watching Aamir Khan's show back in May, made me realize that many people in India still consider a girl to be a burden of society.  How can a woman tell another woman... get rid of that little girl inside you, because I want a grandson so he can continue our family name.  Seriously?  Lady... if your parents had thought of the same thing, neither you or your dumbass son would've been here. 

Sex determination of a foetus is considered to be illegal due to many people aborting the child if it turns out to be a little girl.  And what is more shocking is that doctors don't give a crap as long as a big bundle of Gandhis is placed in their pockets to shut them up.  (We have Gandhi on our currency notes).  

Today I feel lucky to be alive because my parents wanted me whether I was a Farah or a Freddy.  And I want to do so much for little girls in India.  One of my biggest dreams is to open a school for little kids epecially girls.  Parents from poor families don't want to send their girls to school because they think that at the end of the day she is going to get married anyway so why waste money on teaching her.  I want to take them off the streets and put them in schools.  The ugly truth about India is that we consider it to be great but we never think about the little lives that lurk in the shadows, who want to wear that crisp, clean uniform, who want to have a load of books to carry on their shoulders instead of their baby siblings.  

I just want to ask these so called pillars of society that if you can worship an idol of a Goddess made out of stone and clay, why are you killing a life that is created in her image?  Get out of the dark ages people... you have no idea what a girl can do.  

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