Wednesday, August 20, 2014

15 Things “Big Girls” are tired of hearing

I came across this hilarious article on a Facebook group called Voluptuous Vixens. It makes so much sense and yes we are so tired of hearing all those stupid stereotypical comments from family, friends and even strangers. The link to the article is at the bottom of this post. But here are my two cents on the 15 points. There are really 14 so I added point 15.
1.    “You’re not fat”: Yes I am. I have a big belly, chunky butt, huge tatas, fat arms, thick thighs and chubby calves (I have also been told I have delicious shoulders *giggles*) Fat is not a bad word that I find offensive. Calling me a fat bitch on the other hand…
2.    “I know you’re hungry”: Because if I don’t get fed every hour I turn violent and will eat puppies. Is that it??

3.    “Are you pregnant?”: Yes. It’s my 18th month. *rolls eyes* Even skinny women with a little belly should never be asked that.

4.    “You have a pretty face”: Oh I have heard this so many times and it’s always followed by, “If only you would lose some weight you would look so beautiful”. Um eff you… but I think I am beautiful no matter what you or society says.

5.    “I just can’t gain weight”: Why do skinny chicks think that big girls are some expert on weight gain? Here’s some unsolicited advice… eat bacon. It’s annoying right? We feel the same way when you say, “Eat a salad”.

6.    “Just don’t eat so much”: Why is being fat always related to food? There is genetics, polycystic ovaries, side effects of medication being three reasons that make people gain weight. I have seen skinny people eat so much and not put on any weight. It’s called metabolism.

7.    “How did you let yourself get that big?”: It’s the same as asking, “Why are you so fat?” My response has always been, “Because I like to eat”. I also like the answer that was given in the article.

8.    “You should exercise”: Really? What is that runny, jumpy thing I do then?

9.     “Sure you want to eat that?”: Oh I give a big eff you to those people. So many times I have not eaten dessert because the food police thought a piece of cake would immediately increase their weight because they will also be tempted to eat it. Yeah… eff you. I’m gonna eat that piece of cake and no I won’t run like a mad person on the treadmill the next day to shed it off.

10.  “Have you tried this diet?”: Yes I have. And no I don’t like the taste of lettuce that’s why I don’t eat it. I eat a well balanced meal that has all the nutrients I need.

11. “Men only use fat women”: I think men use all kinds of women. Fat, thin, short, tall, bald, hairy, old, young… they want us all. They even want lesbians. Yes, there are some freaks out there who are ashamed to be seen in public with a fat woman and just use her in the bedroom. Those are called assholes.

12. “I have someone I want you to meet”: And it’s always a fat guy. I did date a fat guy and sure we looked good together because he was handsome and I’m effing gorgeous. But fat boy wanted me to lose weight so he could show the world that he had a beautiful partner. He also said it would be “for my own good” and that my “health will be better”. So I told him that if I do it, he has to do it too. And he thought he was perfect the way he was *rolls eyes* Mr. Personality he was not. Honestly, I like skinny guys. Do not judge me! You would not judge a skinny woman if she made that statement. Just like some people like blondes and some like brunettes, I just happen to like skinny guys. It’s a preference. Not that I don’t find fat or muscular guys attractive but they are not my type. My last couples of crushes have all been skinny and dorky. Hey… maybe I like dorks.

13. “You’re not healthy”: And just what is your definition of health? People say my weight will lead to all sorts of diseases… it might if I ate fried and sugary food every day and did not move my ass around. Well guess what? Skinny people also get diabetes. Skinny people also get heart disease. Skinny people are also unhealthy. So get off your high horse and respect heath at every size.

14. “Hey “Big Girl!””: I have no problem if you call me that. Don’t add the word “bitch” after “big”.

15. “Why don’t you get a weight loss surgery?”: I don’t judge people who get it done but it’s not for me. People have suggested me to do a gastric bypass only by looking at my outer appearance. I even considered it. But after I did a full research about the surgery and the side effects I decided not to get it done because it’s not worth it. 

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