Saturday, February 13, 2016



It takes a lifetime to understand love. It is the simplest thing when it's between a parent and a child, between siblings, between friends and even the unconditional love of an animal towards a human being. 

But what of the other love? The one that makes your heart race a mile a minute? The kind that makes you want to run around trees and sing songs like in Bollywood movies? The kind you read about in books? The kind what Bryan Adams songs are all about?

This kind of love lifts you up one minute and makes you crash land the next. Love destroys you! But this is the kind of destruction you inflict upon yourself because for that nano-second it feels so amazing, that nothing else matters when you fall into it. 

Someone recently sent me a beautiful quote that reminded them of me; "You don't need a man, you need a goddamn warrior. Because you aren't just a woman, you're a goddamn goddess!" I was overwhelmed when I read that (and fiercely blushing in the middle of a Starbucks) because as much as I see myself as a strong and beautiful woman, I never really saw myself as a goddess. And it feels so good being called a goddess. Perfect I am not but a goddess... you're goddamn right I am and I do want a goddamned warrior because to love me is to fight for me and I don't mean in a physical fight... (although how hilariously cool would it be if it were a sword fight?). 

Loving me is easy and hard. The easy part is well... easy... I'm fun, I can be the best friend a guy can have, I give some really good hugs, I'm a fantastic cook, there will be a lot of laughter... to name a few. 

The hard part of loving me... I can be a little complicated, messy with issues but who isn't? We all are a little damaged because of our past but neither of us need anyone to fix us because all the fixing is done by ourselves. It gets easy when someone is there by our side. Seeing the flaws and still loving me. Seeing my scars (physical and emotional) and still loving me. It makes you want to change... not for that person but for yourself.

I am also not the conventional looking, arm-candy most men go for. The world will probably say, "What's he doing with someone like her?" I frankly won't care but what if he does? That's where the warrior comes in. Will he fight the world for me? Will he pick me up when someone knocks me down or stay on their side and make them change me because he's afraid of what they might think?

It's a great feeling to be in love and I've been in love before and I will again no matter how many times it may hurt. It's beautiful and totally worth it!

Mindspill: Let yourself fall in love even if you've been burned/rejected/hurt/destroyed in the past.

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