Monday, July 5, 2010

Am I in the wrong country for romance?

I am soooo in the wrong country for romance! I have seen women in the US (no no... not the Hollywood Barbies)... real women who are gorgeously well rounded, big boned, fat and even women who are bigger than me getting men. And I don't mean weirdos on the internet... real men who find them sexy because of their personality. These men are not from the leftover pile (aka divorced men, widowers, old single men or men who just don't want to die alone). These men are smart, sexy and classy with amazing personalities who don't judge on appearance.

It's sad to say that a lot of Indian guys judge a woman by her looks the first time they meet them. They all want a thin, fair woman when they themselves probably fat and dark! I love Indian men and I want an Indian man but those really nice ones for a fat girl are so hard to find. When they do get to know me and like hanging out with me, it's too late... we're in the friend zone or he ends up with a girlfriend.

It's not fair when people want to hook you up with divorced guys and old balding men. If a man rejects me because of my appearance then why don't I have the right the do the same? If I reject a proposal from a 40 year old man does not mean I'm being picky. I just don't want to marry an uncle. It's downright insulting!

I have made mistakes in the past by judging guys on their looks. After getting to know the good looking ones and the average/not so good looking ones I realized that I had more fun with that nerd with man boobs than the pretty surfer guy. Pretty surfer guy was sooooooo damn boring and we had nothing in common!!! I am not looking for a Johnny Depp (but hey if he's looking for me, please give him my number ;) ), but even the average looking desi dude wants hot woman!

Living in Dubai is so difficult to find someone nice. I don't even want to talk about Mumbai! Some people have told me that "guys probably don't want to approach you because you have a strong personality and that they might be shy!" Give me a break! I know I'm not going to find romance in a bar or a club but it wouldn't hurt that a guy would come up and talk to me. A nice decent guy... not a drunk English man, old enough to be my grandfather who thinks he's a very good dancer or worse... those younger guys (jail bait), that you just want to smack 'em on the head and say, "Pull your pants up, son!"

I have had guys interested in me and I was happy that they were but almost all of them turned out to have the personality of a pot noodle and the soul of an ameoba!! And some of them were pretty damn good looking. Don't get me started on the guys on matrimonial sites! Whoaa man! (Yeah I registered at and removed my profile when I got proposals from men who were 40 + or were in a hurry to get married.. I just don't do the whole internet thing anymore)

You know even some male friends are no better. I don't want any romance but for f*ck's sake... I'm a woman... stop calling me dude, buddy, mate or beedu (same thing in Hindi). Can you not see the breasts? Do I look like I would enjoy macking on chicks with you? Do I sit on the couch with one hand down my pants and the other on a beer while I watch a sport on TV? Nooooooooooo! I don't want romance "dude" but at least treat me like a woman. I promise I won't fall in love with you. Just because I laugh at your jokes does not mean I have any romantic interests. They so don't call any of the other chicks buddy or mate!

Anyhoos... bottom line... I need to move to a country where chubby girls are appreciated. My lentils won't dissolve in this part of the world! (direct translation from a Hindi proverb lolz)

Mindspill of the week:

Something wonderful my friend Chari told me once, "Just because there's a goal keeper at the post, does not mean you can't score!" Love ya girl even though you try to freak me out with Hello Kitty!

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Awesome awesome just keep it up Farah..u are a treat to read...