Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello, I'm Farah and I'm a food-a-holic!

Hi, I'm Farah and I'm a food-a-holic! That's one way to say that I'm fat. There are a few food addicts out there, who don't put on any weight no matter how much they stuff themselves and don't even workout. I salute those people... with my middle finger!

I decided to change my "curvy-licious" self when the nice doctor at the nutrition center told me, "Farah, if you put on any more weight, you will die!" The 'D' word really hits home espeically when you see the look of horror on your mama's face and your heart (your poor poor heart) is beating like a drummer on Red Bull and coffee. Before that I had been given the option of surgery (the ol' gastric bypass) but I changed my mind when I knew what the side effects were gonna be. If I wanted to puke after every meal, then I would eat the fish curry from that seedy restaurant down the road.

So now on this program I've lost a little, miniscule weight that can't been seen on my body but hey it makes me feel good because I'm losing weight every week... even if it is by the gram. The workout is intense but man it feels great. And the diet ain't so bad either. I'm not starving myself and I'm not just eating steamed veggies with no flavor. I have palak paneer and pizza in my diet for crying out loud!!

And my doctor is a star because he understands if I don't lose weight or if for a moment I fall off the wagon and consume a piece of cheesecake (drooool). The best bit is he told me to take a break over the weekend and eat whatever the hell I want so during the week I don't crave anything. And boy do I indulge myself then. (Like today... I made brownies with a spalsh of Jack Daniels and a nice cheesy pasta) I don't go overboard though. But it's such a thrill to see those numbers come down.

But the whole point is that I don't want to be a skinny-mini. I just want to get out of the obese category. I will get down on my knees and cry like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert, when my weight comes down to double digits. I want to be curvy. I want a lil' something something for a guy to hold on to. I wanna be soft and squishy and bouncy but healthy at the same time... like those Ajanta Elora carvings. Women back in the day with big hips, thighs and tummies were considered to be goddessses. I want to be a Goddess!

Until next time.

- F

Mindspill of the week:

Take the candy from the baby. Especially if that baby is 27 years old!

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