Monday, July 5, 2010

Cravings of the 11th wheel

Have you ever had a craving for something but you don't really care for it anymore? I used to be addicted to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. In fact even before they opened their chain out here in the UAE, I had read an article about them in a magazine and I was dreaming of the day that first Krispy Kreme store would open and I'd try one of those glazed goodness. I've never even prayed so much for the Backstreet Boys to come to Dubai, as much as I've prayed for a KKD store. (Yes, I said Backstreet Boys but that's another story)

So, there was a time when I would need a weekly Krispy Kreme Doughnut fix and I would go down to the nearest store and devour those babies. I would hear Hallelujah in my head whenever I saw that red hot neon sign showing that a new batch of glazed doughnuts were ready. The ultimate flavor was the double chocolate, chocolate cream filled, dark chocolate dipped doughnut (sugar rush anyone?). And yours truly wouldn't eat just one... oh no she wouldn't! I'd get a glazed doughnut (my fav.) and the cream filled doughnut and if I was with a friend we'd share a doughtnut too. I've even seen how they make it and it's such a thrill to see them being glazed and dipped in chocolate and siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Ok losing focus here.

So anyways, I've been Krispy Kreme free since October 2009. On my honor, I haven't had a single Krispy Kreme Doughnut for seven months!!! Whenever I pass by a KKD at the mall and get a whiff of those babies I'm like a recovering alcoholic in a bar, a sex addict at a strip club and a heroin addict at a crack den. KKD is my personal brand of heroin. (Oh GAWD! I sound like Edward 'I sparkle like a fairy' Cullen... but that's another story) But I get the strength from friends and family who drag me away from that smell... damn.... that KKD near my place opens at 6 am. Maybe I should go there now and stand outside till they open. Naaaaah! I'm just kidding!

There is another place in Dubai, that sells cupcakes and ohhh man even the name is so sugesstive... Sugar Daddy! I haven't been there and I so want to... just to look at the cupcakes. Yeah just look. But then I hear they're charging 20 bucks for a cupcake, so the cheap chick in me says, "20 BUCKS FOR A MIDGET SPONGE CAKE, TOPPED WITH FROSTING?" And then the fat girl says, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Come to Mama, Sugar Daddy!"

Now that I'm done obsessing over the sweet sins of my life (the edible kind), I want to come to a different topic. The 3rd Wheel Syndrome. See, I love the fact that all my friends are hooking up, in relationships, getting married and spawning but I sooo totally feel like the loser without a date. Being the 3rd wheel I can handle, but being the 11th wheel of a frickin' semi truck is getting an "Awww that fat girl's all alone" stares from people.

I am really happy being single but it's those moments when you feel like excess baggage, that just piss me off. Some guys can be such assholes, if they are trying to score with your hot friend and they see a fat chick hanging around. And the worst is when you think some cute guy is interested in you but he's just being nice to know more about your friend. I tell those guys to get some balls and talk to her themselves and maybe grow a personality. It would be nice to have a man by my side though. To hold my hand, to cuddle with me, put up with my mannerisms, watch cheesy Bollywood movies with me. (Not that I'm ready for a commitment... but that's another story)

Mindspill of the week:

I might not be the slimmest or the prettiest but I have boobs and I'm not afraid to use them.

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