Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh yeah... I am sooo hot! Move over Angelina Jolie!!

It's not easy being the fat girl in a group of gorgeous friends. Your sense of humor might be one thing that attract a guy but then that's about it. You go into his friend zone before you get the gumption to say, "Hey... let's have dinner sometime. Just you and me." If you're not funny and try to be the silent, deep and brooding type... well then you're just that "fat snobbish bitch"! I think only men can pull off the silent and brooding personality because women definitely talk more than men. hahaha

See now when I go out with friends, we make sure that we compliment each other. (It's a female thing... we want people to say we look nice... you won't find a dude telling another dude that his hair looks nice. He might say "Nice hair!" and smirk if buddy just got a very bad haircut)

Anyhoos... now I know my friends are just being nice when they say that I look hot. I mean seriously, a "You look nice" is definitely better than that little "red hot" lie. I'll even settle for "You're always very clean!" lol When I go out the door all dressed up pretty, I look at myself in the mirror (that's oh so conviniently placed near the front door lolz) and say, "Ok... face: check, hair: check, cleavage: check" and that's about it. I know I'm not a hot girl.... yet. But seriously... if I say you look hot, does not mean you have to return the compliment. I am not expecting a 'hot' from y'all at the moment. I know what I am... a pretty girl but a fatass no less. lolz

Anyways, last Thursday I went to the doctors for my weekly analysis and unfortunately I didn't lose my goal weight for the week. I just lost around 300gms and I was not happy. My weight loss is sure but slow.

So after that I went to the nutrition store to pick up a few things and the guy behind the counter is this cute and goofy looking, Egyptian. Now we don't speak much, just a hi or a hello. But the other day we got to talking and after that... boy was I a happy camper. He asked me how old I was and I told him I was 27 and he was like... "Nooo way. I think you're 18."

Now I seriously was like "Sure buddy... you just want me to buy more stuff." but then he was like... "No no.. ur big, but you don't look old. Your face... like flower!" And yeah I did my stupid giggle after that. That really made my day because according to my weight loss chart... I look 37 and I was feeling a bit depressed after a kid asked me a few weeks ago, "What's a Guns n' Roses?" (Children these days listen to crap). Anyways I was so happy after leaving the store I treated myself to a pedicure! :)

Mindspill of the week:

Eating a salad (with a burger), is not good behavior that should be rewarded with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

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