Monday, July 5, 2010


I love junk food and one of the places I like going to is Hardees (they have pretty good burgers there). Now they always ask if we want any side orders, etc etc. So this one time the guy behind the counter asks me if I want to upsize the meal and I said no thanks. Now what pissed me off here was the face he made when I said "no thanks". Asking if I want my order upsized is his job. Looking at me with a shocked expression like I'd eat his hat too if I was hungry enough is not his job or something I want to see. And right after that expression he says, "Really?" and looks at me up and down like I'm some side show freak! Buddy... I'm fat! I'm not a f*ckin' glutton!

Why do people automatically think, "Oh this chick is fat... she probably eats her weight in food!" and place another helping in your plate without even asking. Another thing I've heard is that fat people are lazy. Yes I have my lazy moments and I do procrastinate like every normal person but that does not mean I'm lying around, without showering for a week, eating chicken in bed!

Now another thing that annoys me is when people look and point. I mean I'm flattered that you think I'm the 8th wonder of the world because you live under a bridge like the troll you are! But all this adoration must stop or I'll get a big head. Let me recall an incident. A couple of years ago I was at a McDonalds in Mumbai with my cousin and we were sitting by the window. My cousin gets up to get something and I'm in my happy place, eating my fries...(hey anywhere with junk food was my happy place back then. Now my happy place is my imagination and you have no idea what I do to the men I like in that land ahahahahahaha <~~~ Thriller laugh). So I look up and see this chick gesturing to a guy and then pointing at me and laughing. Now first off they see food enough for 2 people and then see this fat chick guzzling Coke and munching fries, and they obviously think that I'm going to inhale everything that's on the tray, including the tray itself! These people were not even 5 feet away from me and were pointing and laughing. I was almost about to cry because even though I was used to being pointed and laughed at, at that moment I just felt like I was pushed down to the bottom of a barrel. I never judged, Mr. Piss Pants or Ms. Unibrow, what gave them the right to point and laugh. I wasn't doing anything funny was I? Did I drop my pants and produce flowers and balloons from my ass? I got so disgusted I didn't even finish my meal.

Anyways now whoever stares and points, I just stare back. There are times when I stare at them seriously and then make a funny/psychotic face. That really cracks me up and freaks them out! There was this one time when I was walking down the road and this guy across the street, yelled out "Oh ho! Big family size!" I pointed at him, I looked at his crotch and said..."Bite size!" The dumbass didn't understand what I said but people who heard that laughed at him! lolz

Oh yes... one more thing. This is a request to all family and friends... if you find someone staring at me and laughing please don't ask dumb questions like "What the hell is he staring at?" or yell out to them, "Hey what are you staring at, asshole?" I can see that they are staring at me! I know you guys are trying to defend me but it doesn't make me feel any better. My mom does that all the time and now I just reply... "He's staring at me, ma! He looks like he hasn't had a moment of happiness in his life so let him drink it in!" That usually shuts her up and the person stops staring as well.

Ok Mindspill time:

If you don't compromise on the flavour of food, don't compromise on the men you choose!

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