Monday, July 5, 2010

Falling off the wagon... whoaaa!

So I went to the doctors today and my result wasn't that great. I have been cheating. I've been cheating these past two weeks like Bill Clinton cheated on his wife with Monica Lewinsky. Well except in my case, I was the one with my mouth full. Yes it happens to me a lot.

My biggest passion and vice is food. I love to eat and I go out a lot. So when I'm out I am not going to order just a salad. Heck I push aside any salad that comes on my plate with the big fat juicy steak.

Resisting food is not easy for me. But on my honor I have been resisting Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (mainly because when I go to the mall I don't go in that direction). Like I said I am a food-a-holic and I enjoy good food but yeah I do know when to stop.

My first couple of weeks of this program were brilliant. I stuck to it and everything but lately I find myself finding the same old grilled chicken boring. I want some rice and curry man! Honestly over the weekend I don't just cheat... I commit total blasphemy. I eat the most heart clogging things on the planet because hey it's my cheat day. If I was Homer Simpson, I'd be sipping bacon fat through a straw but that's just disgusting.

Quiet frankly in these past two weeks I've been eating a lot of rice. I don't know why! It's like all these months of eating it just once a week has brought a rice wave in me. I'm craving it like an alcoholic redneck craving his moonshine!

I did snap out of it when I saw the scale tip the other way and the numbers going up a notch. I think I totally take advantage of my cheat day and overdo it. I've fallen off many weight loss wagons before and this plan being my decision and not an emotional blackmailed one from the family, I can't afford to slip up anywhere. I think I need to stop eating out because it's soo not helping me. This time around I have got to bring those numbers down to double digits!

So to help me more with my battle of the bulge, I've invested in an exer-cycle... my Harley Davidson which I have named The Xardian. (Thank you Sara and Mukta for your suggesstions). I did about 10 kms today in 20 minutes and boy was I hurting in places I didn't know could hurt! Of course before that I do my floor exercises as well. I've stopped going to the gym since mid April, I thought The Xardian would be a great option for me. I'm thinking of painting flames on it and writing "Xardian" on the front in glitter. Eww no... no glitter... will remind me of that sparkle-y vampire!!!


If you can't join them, beat them!

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