Monday, July 5, 2010

I'll have a Diet Coke, please! WTF?

I've come across many people who love to eat but there is that one group of people who I call the Diet Cokers or DC. They are the people who order a quarter pounder with extra cheese, bacon, large fries and an apple pie and then wash all that down with a diet Coke/Pepsi/7 Up/Fanta etc. Can anyone please tell me what's the point? You've already damaged your body with that extra cheese (not to mention clogged your colon) so how is ordering that sugar free diet Coke going to help? I mean there's starch and carbs in the bread and potatoes and don't forget that apple pie which has all that sugary goodness. (Ohhhh baby)

Alright those of you who don't eat a lot junk food, it makes sense if you opt for a diet coke. Ok so the others, you like the taste of Diet Coke... fine. Quite frankly most sugar free sodas taste like cardboard piss and somehow I find them sweeter than their original versions. But the DCs... I see them having their drinks... JD, Vodka, Bacardi with regular Coke. Not Diet Coke mind you. But when ordering a meal at McDonalds, KFC or Hardees, do they go through some kind of guilt trip by eating the food, that they think by having a Diet Coke might help the abominable sin that they've commited by going there? Do they think that the person behind the counter is a Padre in disguise, when they realize ordering all that food will mess up their system and the cure is a Hail Mary disguised as Diet Coke?? I have a lot of friends who do that though. It's really funny. Hell, on my cheat days I order the whole chuck wagon. I'll only drink Diet sodas if there is not other choice.

McDonalds actually has good apple juice so I usually opt for that when I get my Happy Meal (yes I love the HM... I'm currently collecting Shrek 4 action figures from them lolz) because quite honestly the fountain drinks are always usually flat. I do love a good Pepsi and my fav. is Thumbs Up. Nothing like an ice cold Thumbs Up on a hot day.

And then there those holier than thou eaters who eat a heavy meal including extra cheese, butter and meat and say stuff like... "OMG *munch munch* this food is sooo heavy *munch munch*... 20 extra minutes on the treadmill tomorrow." I feel like slapping them and saying, "Oh shut up you little bitch. You're killing my food buzz!"

I once popped a sugar cube in my mouth and a good friend of mine sarcastically said, "Oh that's healthy!". Of course I replied back. "Sweetie... we just inhaled a 4 cheese pasta dish. Don't tell me what's healthy and what's not!" Seriously... it's not like I picked a handful and munched them like they were peanuts. (You know who you are... you're a DC but I still love you! lolz)

So today's Mindspill goes out to all my Diet Coker friends...

If you think you're doing something wrong... DO IT RIGHT and order a regular Coke! You've already upsized the meal.

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